Flower / Plant:

Common names: African daisy, Cape Daisy, blue and white daisybush, Osteospermum. Scientific name: osteospermum ecklonis. Family: Asteraceae. Genus: Osteospermum . Flower tpye: Annuals. Flower colors: Blue, White, Purple, Pink, Red. Height: 24-48 in. (60-120 cm). Flowering time: March-September.

The African Daisy are one of the colorful flowers for a beautiful garden. Native of South Africa. The daisy-like flowers consists of disc florets and ray florets, growing solitary at the end of branches or sometimes in inflorescences of terminal corymbose cymes. The leaf form is lanceolate. The leaf margin is entire. They prefer a sunny position in light, well-drained soil.