Common Name: Annual Clary, Annual Clary Sage, Horminum Sage, Painted Clary. Scientific Name: Salvia viridis. Synonyms: Salvia horminum. Family: Lamiaceae. Genus: Salvia. Plant type: annuals. Height: 1 to 2 feet (30 cm to 61 cm). Flowering time: Early Summer to Early Fall. Flower colors: purple, pink, white or blue. Foliage Color: green.

Salvia viridis (Annual Clary Sage, Painted Clary) is an annual plant in the family lamiaceae. It is a bushy, upright annual that grows to 1 to 2 feet (30 cm to 61 cm) tall and 1 foot (30 cm) wide, Green leaves are oblong to ovate, pubescent, medium green. Colorful bracts almost hide the tiny two-lipped flowers, which are cream-colored, with the upper lip tinged with purple or rose, reflecting the bract color. Native to the Mediterranean.