Pictures of chrysanthemums flowers

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    Red and yellow chrysanthemum flower | File#48: Large image 2503x863 pixels (529KB)
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    Two red chrysanthemum flower | File#50: Large image 1600x1200 pixels (0.98MB)
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    Chrysanthemum in full bloom | File#51:Large image 2592x1944 pixels (14.4MB)
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    Light purple and yellow chrysanthemum flower  | File#49: Large image 2592x944 pixels (14.4MB)

    The meaning of chrysanthemum flower

    Chrysanthemum: A great friend, Cheerful and happy. For many years, chrysanthemum signifies praise and admiration. A chrysanthemum is considered as a noble flower of the Chinese noble class.

    The Japanese hold this flower as the symbol of the sun. they also believe that a single chrysanthemum petal placed in the bolinksom of a wine glass will ensure a long and healthy life.

    Chrysanthemums were cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC. An ancient Chinese city was named Chu-Hsien, meaning "chrysanthemum city". The flower was brought to the Western World in the 17th century.