crape myrtle picture
Crape myrtle flower | File#425: Large image 25601920 pixels (14MB)

crape myrtle flower picture
The crepe myrtle flower in gardens | File#426: Large image 23041728 pixels (11.3MB)

crape myrtle blossoms picture
Crape myrtle blossoms | File#427:Large image 20481536 pixels (688KB)

Trees: picture of crape myrtle flowers
Trees: Crape myrtle flower  | File#428: Large image 1024768 pixels (152KB)

The meaning of crape myrtle flower

Crape myrtle is a handsome, summer-flowering, deciduous small tree or shrub.

The crape myrtle is valued mainly for its long period of striking summer flowers. These showy flowers may be shades of white, pink, red or lavender. Bloom time varies, depending on the cultivar.

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