fuchsia picture
Fuchsia flower | File#545: Large image 1131812 pixels (246KB)

fuchsia flower picture
The beautiful fuchsia flower | File#546: Large image 1131803 pixels (221KB)

fuchsia flower picture,colors: white and purple
White and dark purple fuchsia flower | File#547:Large image 1131797 pixels (246KB)

fuchsia blossom picture
Fuchsia blossom  | File#548: Large image 1131808 pixels (263KB)

The meaning of fuchsia flower

Fuchsia: Amiability. Confiding love.

A genus of flowering plants having elegant drooping flowers, with four sepals, four petals, eight stamens, and a single pistil. the sepals are bright red and the petals purple, a combination of colors that attract hummingbirds.

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