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Hollyhock flower | File#417: Large image 20481536 pixels (758KB)

hollyhock flower picture
Beautiful hollyhock flower | File#418: Large image 25921536 pixels (838KB)

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A hollyhock flower | File#419:Large image 25921728 pixels (12.8MB)

picture of hollyhock flowers
Hollyhock blossom forming  | File#420: Large image 16001200 pixels (5.49MB)

The meaning of hollyhock flower

Female ambition; fecundity, fruitfulness ,  (white) - Female ambition

Hollyhock is native to southwest and central Asia. Hollyhocks are nice looking plants. plants have heart shaped. Hollyhocks are easy to grow and will flower the first year if started early indoors. They like full sun to partial shade. They will grow quickly to a height of four to five feet or more, depending upon the variety selected for the yard.

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