lily flower picture
Lily flower | File#495: Large image 20481536 pixels (637KB)

lily picture
Lily flower and bud | File#496: Large image 15362048 pixels (637KB)

picture of lily flower
Lily flower, Garden plants | File#497:Large image 20481536 pixels (444KB)

white lily flower picture
Snow white lily flower | File#498: Large image 22881712 pixels (746KB)

The meaning of lily flower

Chastity, virtue, fleur-de-lis, Holy Trinity, faith, wisdom, chivalry, royalty; beauty (calla), mother (China), hatred (orange), wealth, pride (tiger); sweetness, virginity, purity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you (white); gaiety, gratitude, I'm walking on air (yellow).

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