primrose picture
Primrose flower | File#505: Large image 1024768 pixels (490KB)

primrose flower picture
Primrose flower and leaf | File#506: Large image 1024768 pixels (531KB)

purple primrose picture
Light purple primrose flower | File#507:Large image 1024768 pixels (149KB)

primrose blossom picture
Primrose blossom  | File#508: Large image 23041728 pixels (603KB)

The meaning of primrose flower

Young Love, I cannot live without you. Evening: Inconstancy.

Primroses are perennials that come from climates ranging from mild to extreme, in a range of sizes from a few inches to a few feet tall.

The colors are beautiful, sometimes improbable, shades of lipstick pink, deep blue, gold, yellow, red, and purple flowers, and many more. Not all species come in all colors.

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