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The meanings of rose flower

Rose traditions & Meanings: Love, Beauty, Courage and respect, Romantic love, Congratulations, "I love you", "Job well done", Sincere love, Respect, Courage & Passion. As one of the most enduring symbols for love and appreciation, it's no surprise that roses are among the most admired and evocative of flowers.

1 rose: love at first sight.2 roses :mutual feelings,3 roses: I love you.5 roses: I love you very much.6 roses: I love you, I miss you.7 roses: I'm infatuated with you.9 roses: together as long as we live.10 roses: you're pretty.11 roses: you're my treasured one.12 roses: be my steady.13 roses: forever friends.15 roses: I'm really sorry.20 roses: I'm sincere towards you.21 roses: I'm committed to you.24 roses: you're always on my mind.36 roses: I'll remember our romantic moments.40 roses: my love is genuine.99 roses: I'll love you till the day I die.100 roses: I'm totally devoted to you.101 roses: you're my one and only.108 roses: will you marry me.365 roses: I love you every single day.

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