Arrowhead vine, Syngonium podophyllum

Arrowhead vine, Syngonium podophyllum

Common name: Arrowhead Vine, Arrowhead plant, Nephthytis, American evergreen

Scientific name: Syngonium podophyllum

Family: Araceae

Genus: Syngonium

Species: Podophyllum

Height: 18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

Plant type: Vines and Climbers, House plant, Foliage plant

Propagation: Take stem cuttings early in summer.

Description: Syngonium podophyllum (Arrowhead Vine, Nephthytis), is a perennial vine native from Central America north into Mexico. Its dark-green leaves have silvery white or cream variegation. arrow-shaped foliage. Arrowhead Vine are often grown as house plants.

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